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  The College of Nursing comprises one department and three institutes: the Department of Nursing (featuring bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs); Graduate Institute of Nurse-Midwifery, Graduate Institute of Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Nursing, and Graduate Institute of Health Allied Education. The College has more than 50 doctorate-level nursing specialists and is the only college with complete technological, vocational, and nursing programs. It is also the first college to create dual-degree programs, nurse practitioner master’s programs, and international nursing master’s programs, which reconcile multiple healthcare-patented products.


  In order to deal with this country’s medicine and nursing policy and the School’s mid- and long-term plans, the college highlights human-centered care, student communication, teamwork, and R&D innovation capabilities. Meanwhile, It instructs students to care for others, exercise critical thinking, offer leadership, and be excellent professionals adept at technology and qualified according to the standards established by the national healthcare system.