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About Philosophy and Characteristics

        We believe that human health is the result of interaction between individuals and the environment. In order to meet people's needs for diverse services, the role of the nursing staff should be continuously expanded and followed, and one's professional competence should be enriched at any time. Therefore, the aim of running a school is to provide opportunities, resources, and guidance for the development of professional skills of nursing staff; to nurture nursing professionals at all levels; and to assume the social responsibilities of health promotion and health care.

The School of Nursing is characterized as being human-centered to meet the health needs of all stages of human life, from birth to death, including preventive, management, and rehabilitative services, and emphasizing the integration of nature and man. Combined, a harmonious environment for humanity, the science of nursing, education, and the integration of the best of Chinese and Western medicine serve to develop and innovate nursing technology and health care models. We focus on the combination and application of theory and practice and strive to develop innovative nursing technology and health care models.