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About the Departments

School of Nursing

      In response to students' diversified development and career planning needs, the school of nursing has the best-rated doctoral-level faculty in the country, develops competency-based courses connected to the nursing practice, and implements objective methods for competence assessment. We promote overseas dual-degree programs and international learning experience in nursing, which demonstrates our determination in making international connections and further developing the nursing field.


Department of Nurse-Midwifery and Women Health

      The Department of Nurse-Midwifery and Women Health is the only institution of this type in Taiwan to offer both graduate and undergraduate programs. It aims at cultivating professionals who are well-equipped to fulfill social demands for women's health care throughout different stages of their lives, and who participate in interdisciplinary health care delivery systems. The curriculum emphasizes the application of theory in clinical practice, and cultivates midwifery professionals with both practical and research capabilities.


Department of Gerontological Health Care

       The Department of Gerontological Health Care emphasizes students' diversified development and career planning. We provide a comprehensive training program in care service skills, with a focus on academic and practical applications. The department helps students to face various future challenges in gerontological care. With complete training in the three core aspects, students become well-rounded health care professionals, fully competitive in the job market, and ready to become global leaders in the geriatric health care industry.


Department of Allied Health Education and Digital Learning

The undergraduate program specializes in training students to write lesson plans, produce multimedia teaching materials, and develop multidisciplinary teamwork skills. The master's program helps students to develop abilities to plan allied health-related training curricula, develop e-learning programs, and publish the results of allied health education-based research, enabling students to become education leaders with both health care expertise and humanistic qualities.